Rage Confederacy (Brave Collective) is Recruiting

Rage Confederacy is a Sov Null Corporation and a member of the Brave Collective Alliance. We are looking for players of all in-game interests to join our ranks. We offer:

  • Numerous Small, Medium and Coalition sized PvP fleets.
  • Vast space for Subcap, Cap and Supercap ratting.
  • R32/R64 Public Moon Mining, Belt Mining and Ice Mining
  • PvP and Ratting isk incentives.
  • Industry of all levels.
  • Solid program for Newbros to get off the ground and learn the game.

Stop by our in-game recruitment channel: Rage.Recruitment

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Bump still recruiting

Hello, I would love to join your corp, not a very experienced player, joined back in 2016, but haven’t played a whole lot. Kept training the char even though I wasn’t playing so have ~19m SP.

Bump still recruiting

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