Rage Confederacy (Brave Collective) is Recruiting

Rage Confederacy is a Sov Null corporation and a member of the Brave Collective Alliance. Whether you’re interested in PvE, PvP, Industry, Mining, Exploration, or more, we’re confident we have something to offer you.

This includes:

  • Access to large amounts of space for subcap, cap, and supercap ratting.
  • R32/R64 Public Moon mining, Belt/Anom Mining, and Ice Mining.
  • Access to full-stack industry facilities.
  • Next-door to Catch, the most profitable region for Exploration.
  • PvP and Ratting isk incentives for corp members.

We also have a brand new Mentor-Mentee program to help players adapt and thrive in the nullsec environment, in addition to BRAVE’s many programs for helping new players get on their feet.

Stop by our in-game recruitment channel “Rage.Recruitment” to apply today!

Still Recruiting! Stop by our channel Rage.Recruitment today.

Bump back up to the top.

Stop by our recruitment channel to speak with us today about joining Rage!

Now with a brand-new Mentor-Mentee program for players who are new to nullsec or just want to learn about new activities in Eve!

Speak with us in our recruitment channel for details.






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