Rage Confederacy - Brave Collective


Rage Confederacy is looking to bring more players into our Corporation. We are a member of Brave Collective and live in Sov Null.

We offer:

  • Many PvP opportunities on different size scales
  • Prime space for Ratting, Exploration, DED site running
  • High-end Moon Mining, Belt Mining, Ice Mining
  • Multiple Industrial opportunities
  • Stocked in-game markets and out of game market channels
  • A vast collection of articles and videos to learn (re-learn) the game
  • Live educational classes to teach you something new
  • Many SIGs to meet your in-game interests
  • JF Courier services to and from Highsec
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Isk Incentives to Rat and PvP

To join, we have very few requirements:

  • Full ESI submission upon applying
  • Positive attitude with a “Stay Classy” attitude
  • Working headset/mic

If you think we would make a good fit for you and your playstyle, stop in our in-game channel Rage.Recruitment to speak with a Recruiter.

We’re still recruiting!

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