Rage Confederacy - Sov Null

Rage Confederacy is a Sov Nullsec Corporation under the Brave Collective Alliance. We are recruiting players of all skill levels and in-game interests.

We offer:

  • PvP Opportunities consisting of all levels of engagements, including Coalition level fleets. Fight in the war!

  • Prime Subcap, Capital and SuperCapital Ratting space.

  • Manufacturing for Shuttles to Titans

  • Boosted Moon, Ore and Ice Mining Fleets

  • Newbro Friendly – Learn the game with us.

  • Isk incentives for PvP and PvE activities

  • Jump Freighter Service, Buyback Program, SRP

Hop into Rage.Public (in-game channel) for more information and to speak with a Recruiter

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