Null Sec PVP/Indy/Mining Corp in large Coalition

Pipebomb pinata

Like fireworks? We aim to please, whether it’s your ship or your enemy’s, we’ll make sure something blows up.

What we offer:

☼ Active and experienced leadership (leader does not sleep i swear…)

☼ New Pilot Friendly environment (2mil SP Minimum) ( I joined with 0 experience and i’m doing alright :smiley: )

☼ Regular fleets in all the sizes small gang to big strat-ops

☼ Mining and industry infrastructure ( the best part because this is meee)

☼ PvP/PvE training and advice (Sub-caps to Capitals)

☼ SOV Null-sec Ratting and Mining (active fleets all day every day)

☼ Corp Buyback Program

☼ (SRP) Ship Replacement Program for many doctrine ships.

☼ Hauling Service

Basic Requirements:

☼ Mumble and Discord ☼ Fluent English

☼ Full ESI check

☼ Have a team player mindset and the ability to learn

Come and chat with me on discord (Kitz#7803) Or in game (Necro Anderson)

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