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:eyes:Welcome To Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies! We are a NO DRAMA, NO NONSENSE alliance . If you want to find a new family to hang with , and would like to learn to be self sufficent annihilate rocks, manufacture products till your fingers bleed, or make your presence known in a combat fleet, we have a HOME for you! If you are interested in our alliance, please contact us in our Public Channel: BlueSunIT :eyes:

Here is a little about us to help make your decision…

What we offer:

Structure: skill tree planning, doctrine fits, FCs, facilities for manufacturing

Buyback Programs: various programs available for Ore PI , and other goods

Experienced pilots willing to help with advice,and assistance encouraging self-sufficiency

FC training - from how to run mining fleets to becoming an FC for skirmish, blops, or large fleet engagements

SRP - for all sanctioned fleets

Both US and EU TZs

Mining boosts

What we expect:

1 . Maintain comms while operating in space at ALL times

Maintain Standing Fleet while online

ALWAYS listen to the FC

Always respond when asked for home defense

Use of alliance programs when possible, and always be respectful of other alliance members

All interested corporations or pilots MUST submit an API to our website. Info in our public channel (“BlueSunIT”)

While we understand people have work schedules, we require ALL players to be active!

Report ALL hostile movements in the INTEL channels

Must maintain discord as well as TS at ALL times .

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