Ambient Blue recruiting pilots

We are Ambient Blue corporation, and we are recruiting pilots for our nullsec life.

We currently live in nullsec in a quiet area great for learning how to be self sufficient and produce profit in nullsec while still having some expected comforts, such as direct Jita jump freight services, and infrastructure to support daily life.

We are looking for both pilots interested in joining our ranks, as well as corporations looking to try nullsec as a member of our alliance, Forever Blue Horizons [FOREV] to expand on their operations. We can help teach and guide you through your nullsec journey. While we may not be one of the largest groups in the game, our programs are effective, and our small close knit community is ready and waiting to help train and grow anyone who wishes to expand their experience with us.

Please feel free to reach out either in game mail to Grim Avada, Reaper Avada, or Pixistix, or shoot me a discord message on Discord pixistix88.

Fly safe, and look forward to working with you in the future!

Good food from good folks

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