Null Sov - Recruiting Newbro’s and Better-Vets


Trust In Q [.TIQ] is a new corp within the InPanic Alliance (Drone space) of Sov Null. Relaxed, currently all EU-TZ but if you want to sit in US-TZ and rat or mingle with the alliance mates that’s great too, RL comes first type corp but as ever - if you want to be in Sov Null a few fleets a month need to be flown as well to make that possible (and it breaks up the fantastic ISK that you make out here!)

Having flown with a couple of Null Sec blocks and tried my time in wormhole I’ve come back to the best people and space I’ve ever flown in and made a corp to help others realise how great this section of the drone regions is. There’s no other place quiet like it !

  • Monthly Competition for Free Skill Injector
    ** Newbro’s only (<50mil SP)
    ** Based on Fleet Attendance
    ** Will run November ->April at least
  • Free VNI’s if you’re a ratter to get you started ratting
    ** Newbro’s only - sorry better-vets, I’m not rich enough (yet!) to hand out the carriers like candy!
  • Free Procurers if you’re a miner to get you started mining
    ** Newbro’s only - sorry better-vets. I’m not rich enough (yet!) to hand out the rorquals like candy!
  • Weekly corp-activity nights
    ** 1 x Mining
    ** 1 x Ratting
    ** Help boost that ISK balance even more !
  • True Sec of -1.0 for good ticks to make ISK !
  • Newbro - Vexer Navy Issue, skill in to a Rattlesnake and then jump into a Carrier
    ** Sounds long, this was my path to ISK and with better ISK/hour in Null you’ll skill inject up in no time!
  • Low 5% tax rate, no rent
  • Mining in fully maxed systems
  • ADM’s are Max - earn 2-4 times what you do mining in High Sec! (Double for mining Bistot vs. Veldspar, 4x for if it’s with a Rorqual boost which there often is!)
  • No loot to waste time on, increased bounties/ticks to counter it!
  • Forget logistics, forget MTU’s, forget hauling the crap around - just RAT baby and watch them explode as the ISK rolls in
  • More efficient = More ISK, and instant ISK, no waiting to ‘cash in’ that loot !
  • Nice quiet pocket to make ISK in
  • Wonderful part of New Eden with a wonderful, active, friendly, organised Alliance. What more could anyone want ?
  • Amazing industry setup
    ** We have Raitarus, Azbels and Sotoyos ready for you to ‘do your thing!’
    ** Different rigs in them all, maximising the gains you can get
    ** 0% reprocessing fees
    ** Low industry tax
  • Currently supporting other coalition members in a war with Darkness/GotG so plenty of PvP content for fun and laughs along the way
    ** Great fights, easy doctrines to train and support on how to do it
    ** SRP Programme
    ** Alliance led SRP programme to help pay for the content you enjoy !
  • Excellent Alliance logistics - v. quick from Jita! Doctrines well stocked in staging systems
  • Fastest/Most Efficient logistics team I’ve had the pleasure to send contracts to
  • Teamspeak/Discord/Forums etc
  • All the normal stuff for the social, chit chat, help and support

I spent a couple of hours last night chatting to the Alliance about a new PC and what I should buy - always someone to help regardless of whether it’s pure Eve related or not !

What do we ask ?

  • Be able to fly an Interceptor
  • Makes moving around much easier
  • Most fleets needs ceptors, gives you options as you train more into Eve
  • Enjoy the game/space/social
  • Fly a few fleets a month
  • We have a recommended minimum depending on the ‘War Status’ of the Alliance/Coalition
    ** I’ve hit that number in a week - super easy to do and then get back to making dank isk !

If you want to chat through it more hit me back on here or in game 'Jonsa Sargentor’
Thanks - and if you’re looking for a new home, good luck wherever you end up choosing. o/

Well - the last few days has been good fleets, mad ISK and crazy amounts of Ore.

It’s going well - come get some ? :slight_smile:

Feeling lazy so just a simple bump today I’m afraid =)

Well - signed up to the Alliance moon programme so now we have some moons to go mine too, come help us lap up that tasty Moon Goo !

Guess I best stop typing and go build some refineries…

Bump … 3 days !?! It must have got busy :slight_smile:

Saturday… is a good day

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