NullSec Corp looking for new members in all aspects

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Hello there fellow pilots.

We are currently looking for new members to join us within our NullSec home in the North.

Quite a relaxed Corporation to be apart of and looking for likeminded pilots to join us, Be it Industrial, PVE and PVP we want YOU to come join us :smiley:

Being a part of the GOTG Coalition and MOA Alliance there is always something to be doing, Maybe a roam around the area or home defensive fleets even jumping WH’s there is always some form of content throughout the day and that’s without joining the battles against invaders to our space.

Plenty of fights with other Alliances and Coalitions and currently fighting Goons and Test Alliance, SO MUCH CONTENT lol

But if that’s not for you because your and Industrial focused pilot then all is gravy seeing as there is always a need for new ships to be built and ready to go market for the poor soul who lost theirs in the battle.

TS3 and Slack for Corp
TS3/Discord and Fleet-Up required for Alliance and Coalition as well as the SSO tokens which is being bought into affect within most Alliances in EVE

If you are at all interested in joining us you can either send myself or Daggory Doo an in game mail or check the Corp description for our Recruitment channel.

Touretes, o7

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