Corp looking to get back into nullsec

Hello we are a corp looking to get back into nullsec after a small hiatus.

Leadership is experienced with nullsec and know how to live there without dying excessively and train our players to do the same.

We were former fuel producers so know how to help and can be a great help to the alliance we join. We want autonomy and a good group to participate in various content with. Give us goals well get em done but we want to be left to do them our way.

We are into indy, mining, small gang pvp and fw and are looking to grow with an alliance that will accept us and not try control everything we do.

Corp is EU/US and looking to grow AU as well. We have about 40 to 50 people and are growing all the time.

We can be a very vital part to the right group but we don’t want the typical nullsec experience of constant mandatory fleets and micromanagement from Alliance leadership. We do things our way but we’re looking to help and contribute to whichever alliance we join.

If you have a place for us message Kartan Vengari.

You want all the benefits, but don’t want to be expected to actually contribute. You should be able to find a really low-grade group that will want you.

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We have no problem contributing but don’t want our whole playtime dictated by others as was the case in a previous nullsec alliance.

We got miners and killers ready to join content. We just don’t want to be told all the time that we need you here, we need you here and never get to play how we like.

Trust me we have no qualms with being a contributor and an asset but just don’t want our entire time on eve to be a “stop what you’re doing and do this” type of experience again.

It wasn’t fun and doesn’t let us be who we want to be.

Sorry if i phrased it like we don’t want to participate, we just don’t want the place we’re with to dictate what we do and when.

Hi Kartan,

I’m going to mail you in game after downtime… dont make a move without having a chat with me about what we can offer your Corp.

Sounds good

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