Nullsec corp putted a Tower in WH corp


Nullsec corp putted a tower in our WH and putted a spy in wh why ? to destroy station of good people

people not refuse anyone need help in anythink and give the access to any people want stay with him in wh

and they send to wh corp this is video What you’re seeing is Advanced Warfare

the nullsec corp is this corp : -Foreign Bodies- in alliance named - Member of the afterlife -

we not refuse any help any people from nullsec Corps or from high sec corps or low sec corps or wh corps and many corps send to us new player for they learn with us the game and back with them we accept them.

they try to attack us but we run from them without do anythink with them iam ende they send to us video and they prepare for evicted us or a bit of scare tactics.

if they want to destroy our station no problem destroy them this a game if they will be happy i will give to them the access for that and no one will defence

because we play this is game for fun and for know a good people from all world and to be good but no problem if there is people like that in this game np

thank you very much all

Scowboys in game

iam wait your replys in this topic my friends .

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