Nullsec Legacy alliance recruiting corporations!

Sentinel Dawn is recruiting corporations and pilots

Who we are: A multi-national nullsec alliance made up of mainly Europeans. We have guys from the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and even out as far as Australia. We also have a few US guys too. We came from another alliance that decided to leave Legacy and we chose not to, so Sentinel Dawn was born. We have native speaking Russian and English corps. Anyone from any nationality is welcome, but English speaking and Russian speaking corps would be more suitable. We are part of the Legacy coalition and live right next to several close allies whom we provide mutual assistance to. Should we need a fleet to back us up for whatever reason, it’s not a problem. Our aggression policy is NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It).

What we’re doing: Currently making a home for ourselves in Querious. We have sov in a very valuable constellation and are currently anchoring athanors on moons for our members to mine. We plan to settle here long term.

How we operate: We have two people in the top leadership team. A native Russian speaker and native English speaker. Then we have a team of advisers made up of a person from each corporation. Before decisions are made, the advisers team is consulted and the topic at hand is discussed and input given to the leaders. Each corp will select a representative to put into the advisers team, this can even be the corp CEO. We have diplomats and fleet commanders and a mining director, among others. We have openings for some positions, such as capital fleet commander and military director.

How our people make isk: We have several high value moons. Our members can mine these with a base tax amount which goes to the exec corp. This tax can be reduced by accumulating FAT links. The number of FAT links accumulated in one month will determine the tax you have to pay the following month. You could end up paying as little as 15% tax on the moons you mine. We also aim to have pirate detection upgrades installed in every ihub we own to give members plenty of space to rat. We have a thriving market in and around where we live which makes procuring whatever you need a breeze. We’re also very close to highsec too which is good for some people.

If you’d like to know anything else, please get in touch by sending us a message here, or evemail Lesarian C’Vorta in game.

This is one of the best times to join us, while we’re laying our foundations and establishing our identity. Join us now to become a part of something great.

Great group of people! Lots of content of various types, and leadership if very helpful. 10/10 would join again.


Bumpity bump - taking on corporations. Great opportunities to make isk in an amazing area of Querious. High upgrades and quiet ratting pockets filled with control towers for safety

Great alliance. Content in all time zones. Tons of PVP, make lots of ISK. What more do you really need?

Friendly community and good leadership. Great place for a corp. Get in contact!

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