Null Sec Corp Seeks Recruits

o7 fellow Capsuleers.

Shadow of Embers is currently recruiting. We are part of an 800+ industrial null sec alliance and are currently looking for members for Triglavian PvP Fleets. Drekevacs, Kikimora’s and all forms of armour logi are needed. At best, we can field roughly 25 Dreks during peak hours with logi and are looking to hopefully double those numbers. SRP on all alliance sactioned ops. We are a budding alliance thats roughly 7 months old and have made some great contacts along the way with other local alliances.

For crabbing purposes, we offer Mining fleets with full Rorq boots, Ice, Colossal Anomalies, and PI, and several systems to rat in a VNI, Carrier, or Super Carrier with plenty of space so no one is stepping on each others’ toes.

We form defensive/roam fleets nearly everyday with Triglavian Doctrine, as well as dessies, cruisers, and battleships. With our normal fleet comp, links pilots are always welcome because we still need to fill some roles for Skirmish FC’s. We are a very mature, laid back group that would really enjoy increasing our numbers. Our home system is fully upgraded for reprocessing, invention, reactions, and all forms of manufacturing. In short, we have a really nice package for most players, as well as a large null sec trade hub two jump bridges, and two gates away.

Killboards are here: Alliance Corp

We consistently rank between 1-3 for Alliance kills in our region and 2-4 for Corporate kills within the alliance with no mandatory CTA’s. If this sounds interesting to you, reply here and myself or Quin Isu will be in contact with you.

Fly Safe!

Still recruiting

60mil sp solo player coming back to EvE, wanting to be alot less solo. Hoping to dip my toes into null sec for the first time. Newly christened father with sparse downtime. Trained for strip mining. Moderately carrier trained but no experience flying (hope for that to change). Love exploration but want to branch out into the “harder stuff”

Hope I’m not too laid back for your “laid back” group. I’m prolly going to need alot of “explaining” on how things work out in the deep end of the pool.

Hope to hear from you.

sending in-game mail

Recruitment still open!

Still seeking recruits

Recruiting is still open

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