Null Sec North Now Recruiting!

We are an IRL-first group. We don’t have any mandatory operations, we are more interested in folks who want to hang out rather than folks who feel obliged to do so.

We do lots of mining, industry, exploration, and PvE. Some folks are into PvP but its not my thing so I don’t know much about that branch.
Our motto is “mistakes were made” and we are all about the high-stakes game. We want to make sure we can afford to sustain ourselves, but we measure ourselves by how much fun we are having instead of how much ISK we make. We also have a variety of skill levels in our corp, from fairly newbros to capital pilots.

If you are interested definitely hit us up in game. We are happy to jump into high-sec and do a few ops with recruits to see if we would be a good fit together. In the past we fit up some cheap frigates and run abyssals with the newbros, but we are up for whatever.

Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy each others company! Come find us in game!

Hi m8. Are you in null sec gurista space?

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