{ALL TZ] Shadow of Embers is recruiting (AARP - Legacy Coalition)

Shadow of Embers is Recruiting!

Looking to join an active Nullsec Corp? want to be part of an Expanding Alliance? New to the Game? Maybe we can help.

Part of Already Replaced Alliance, we are based in Feythabolis and are looking to recruit new members. Were currently growing as a corp and as part of our alliance with 8 new systems under our belts in the last 24 hours.

We can offer:

  • A Large Corp within a rapidly Expanding Alliance, able to cater to players of all skill levels
  • Great Community and team - we never fly alone.
  • Part of Legacy Coalition: with all the fleet opportunities you could want!
  • Mining, Industry, Research, Ratting - All of EvE will be open to you.
  • Cross alliance manufacturing and Business opportunities
  • Full SRP for Home Defence and Corp, Alliance and Coalition Ops.

New to EvE? We have a 1:1 new bro training program, with corp and alliance members able to guide you to thriving in nullsec.

If your interested - Contact Oscar Kime in game or join our Channel (Embers Public) to get to know us.

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