Nullsec PVP INIT(Imperium) corp based out of Fountain recruiting- All Timezones!

CEPTA is a piracy-focused corp surviving 15 years strong in the Eve Online universe.

We are now looking for ambitious capsuleers for all time zones.

What you can expect: ability to form and participate in anything from small to large scale fleets. New FCs are welcome to apply. History of wormhole and pvp experience is highly valued in this corp and alliance.

We are based out of Fountain and also have access to:

Jump bridges which can allow you to go from Cloud Ring to Curse in under 20 minutes

Small to Large scale fleets in US, EU, and AU timezones in everything from frigate-sized ships all the way up to supercapitals

R64 moons and ice belts

Rigged Indy structures

Well-stocked markets (Including Supercarriers and Titans)

Projection into Low-Sec and NPC regions

PVE, Mining, Exploration, and quick access to Burners all in or supported by Imperium-held space with standing fleets around the clock

Inquire or apply today!





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