[NullSec] PVP - Threat Contained - INIT

Howdy, we are Threat Contained! Made up of bitter vets and Dust514 Mercs currently living in Fountain as part of the Initiative.

We are looking for returning vets and new bros looking for the opportunity to PVP and reestablish themselves in the game in an laid back environment. Our alliance offers plenty of opportunities to PVP, rat, plex, and build sh*t to your hearts content.


If interested reply here or join “THRT Recruiting” in game.


Our time in Immensea with WTF has come to an end. A new chapter as part of The Initiates and in time The Initiative is beginning. Come on out to Fountain, join us on our journey!

Threat Contained is settling into Fountain! Its insane the amount of infrastructure available within the Initiative. Multiple moons popping throughout the day, a fully formed market, pvp opportunities available at any time of day. Come on out and join us!

Sometimes all you hear about large nullsec alliances is that its all tidi and 500v500 blobs. That just simply isn’t the case. The best part about these alliances is the constant stream of fun small gangs. Last night myself and two others who had joined the corp just a day before went on an extremely fast paced but fun retribution roam. The ships were free, the kills were aplenty.

Come join us.

I’m interested in joining

Did you know that Fountain is one of the best regions for drug manufacturing? I have Improved/Strong Exile BPCs coming out of my ears. Want to be an (eve online) drug lord? Join us.

We’re also looking for people looking to take advantage of Vanguard when the time comes! We’ve got quite a few ancient irate dustbunnies looking to gun down some warclones again!

Ahoy! Its been a bit but we have been busy! THRT has successfully passed its trial period in the Initiates and has joined Initiative proper. Over the previous few months our membership has grown from less than fifty characters to nearly 100.

Our recruiting standards have increased slightly but we are still seeking new pilots interested in PVP.

Hope to see you out there o7


Its the weekend! Looking for fast paced frigate roams? We got it. Looking for some hot drop o’clock blops? We got it. Looking for tidi and massive fleet fights? We got it.

Come shoot people in the face, with friends.