NullWurks; Officers Wanted!

We are a group of independent, mature players who have come together for friendship and mutual gain. We work together out of choice, and we respect that real life commitments come first. We are a group of experience players, there will be no hand holding here.


  • When the time comes, you must take an active participation in recruitment.
  • Must be willing to help increase the corps impact on the space it flies within.
  • Must be self sufficient. I will not give you ISK. There is a nominal corp tax. You will eventually have say in this tax.
  • I am looking for officers, there will be responsibilities. Failure to perform these responsibilities will result in immediate ejection from the officer role. It may also result in immediate ejection from the corp.
  • The space we fly within is currently rented. There are strict rules that must be followed. Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate ejection from the corp.
  • You will take an active role in earning revenue for the corporation.
  • Exercise the systems we fly within to help earn tax revenue for the corporation.
  • Help build programs within the corp to earn additional revenue.
  • Discord usage is required, including voice. There will be a discord interview.
  • Must meet skillpoint requirements. These requirements will be determined on a adhoc basis.


  • We are a very new corp with the ambitions for a presence in nullsec.
  • This will be hard. Expect that.


  • Access to nullsec.
  • Rent for the systems is covered by the corp, so you will have free access. It is expected that eventually revenue from the corp will cover these fees.
  • Shares within the corp. Once the corp is bootstrapped, these shares will pay monthly.

Send me ingame mail for more information.





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