[NURAD] Nucleocorp - WH Corp

Hello there…

Nucleocorp is a new Low-Class WH corporation that is focused on sustainability and fun! The goal being to be able to explore most of what EVE Online has to offer, from a wormhole. Looking to take risks and have fun!

We are looking for like minded individuals that will fit in to a small group dynamic.

Nucleocorp needs the following:

• FC’s/Leadership to assist with logistics
• WH Enthusiats or Individuals looking to begin a life in WH Space.
• PVP Exp’d pilots and Indy Exp’d pilots.

Nucleocorp is currently recruiting for US & EUTZ

PM Muilenburg for more information.

Pub channel:

Still Recruiting and looking for members of all backgrounds.

We also supply FREE punch and pie!

Now offering COOKIES, Today only!

Still Recruiting all player types.

Join Nucleo-Public to chat!

Recruits needed for spec ops in WH space!

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