Nucleocorp [NURAD] - Fresh WH Corp LF Members

Hello there…

Nucleocorp is (will be) a new Low-Class WH corporation that will be focused on sustainability and fun! The goal being to be able to explore most of what EVE Online has to offer, from a wormhole. Looking to take risks and have fun!

We are looking for like minded individuals who are interested in starting something from scratch, and building something that will last.

Nucleocorp needs the following:

• FC’s/Leadership to assist with logistics
• WH Enthusiats or Individuals looking to begin a life in WH Space.
• PVP Exp’d pilots and Indy Exp’d pilots.

Nucleocorp is currently recruiting for USTZ only.

PM Le-Sha Charante or myself (Rick Mackling) for more information.

Pub channel:


Looking forward to hearing from people wanting to build a play group while exploring and living in WH Space.

Move away from stagnation and participate in building something awesome!


Nucleocorp is brand new. We are not a “zerg” corporation, nor do we have any major infrastructure in place… yet. With that being said, what we can offer is a place that is relaxed and will always be moving forward.

Nucleocorp is currently recruiting any players who want to try and build a WH corporation together, while building a player-group as well.

Hop on discord and chat!

Nucleocorp is still Recruiting!

If you’re a determined and well rounded player, come help build something new in J-Space!

Nucleocorp is still growing, and looking for members who want to start fresh!

Join discord to learn more!

Nucleocorp is still recruiting! And Growing!

We are still recruiting advocates of Bob!

Nucleocorp is still recruiting any WH enthusiasts who want to be self sufficient and have a strong core group to play with!

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