Objective-based small-gang PVP?

I always found purpose in popping or ransoming other people’s sandcastles. Back in the day you could mess around with POS owners (in some cases, even solo) and extort or remove them. Since the new structures you’d need to scale this up I think, but you can still fight over POCO’s. Not that they are great rewards, but I’ve found purpose simply taking them over and funneling the profits into… promising corporate ventures.

Try to control a system by burning every other station, POCO, whatever to the ground. How is that for a goal?

At least you will make some enemies and that is when the content starts.

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:thinking: Not quite sure how this could be applied to dating . . . is dating non-consentual PvP . . . :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

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dating its like trying to blow a bad fitter paladin in a t1 frigate
its almost impossible but event if you succeed its not worth the trouble

dating is like opening a strongbox
to much expectation for nothing

dating is like mining ice in a venture for 10 hours
you work hard but at the end you continue to be a broken loser

dating is like the eve forums
you want to have good and insightful discussions but all you get is i quit topics

dating is like eve online
you spend a lot of money every month to be a slave


THIS is the exact same issue I’ve had with EVE, for, well for about the past 10+ years. I come back once or twice a year for a few months to see what has been added. I’ve kept my subscription active for months at a time without ever logging in just to train skills in the hopes that, ONE DAY, there will be something awesome to do and actually put my skill points to work. (not that I do that much anymore, most skills are maxxed, so lately I only subscribe to get access to them)

Your post sounds like it could have been written by myself almost word for word. I’ve tried all the things EVE has to offer as well, prefer objectives in the games I play, find it hard to commit to EVE, a corporation is nice but unless you are on there daily and really chatting on coms constantly to a group every single day (not just joining coms when there’s a fleet), you aren’t going to make any lasting friendships to keep you coming back.

But ABOVE ALL, the waste of time on roams or gate camps… I go on a 3 hour roam and we find maybe 1 semi-afk dude and jump him. Or (rarely) we get jumped by a larger roam and it’s just as much of an obliteration. There is almost never a middle ground. After all, why fight 5vs5 and risk losing when you can get more people and stomp them 10v5 right? Common sense… problem is it doesn’t make it fun for either side.

I love the mechanics in EVE. I love when there actually IS a ‘good fight’. But there’s like 10+ hours of roaming and waiting per ‘good fight’ that’s relatively evenly matched. As I’ve gotten older, I dont have time for that. And even when I do have time, I have other games to play that I can get a lot more enjoyment from in 3 hours than roaming around space finding uneven fights.

Somebody might just say “well then EVE isn’t for you” but I don’t feel like that’s accurate. I love the ship mechanics and complexity in EVE, I love the good fights when I’m able to find them, I’m just not willing to spend hours to do it.

I was really enjoying the 1v1 PvP Proving Grounds, at least the fights are reliable and evenly matched. I’ve been hoping for a feature like that for years.


i think we don’t play the same game
i have many fights every day
sometimes 5 to 10 minutes after log in I’m fighting

i get that you want 1v1 proving grounds , i think its nice to

but want to fight? Join FW (you already are ) do a 15 jumps route in enemy territory , OPLEX
you get MANY fights … all night long

and with the new needlejack filaments there is no need to roaming a lot even if you want some null sec day trip to change things a lil

use it , show pilots in the last 20 minutes on map, set destination to a good spot

its bad? every 10 minutes you can use another filament


go plex in egmar for example
yesterday i had a lot of fights there

or make friends in amamake :stuck_out_tongue:

Red vs Blue Flight Academy
To make application please visit : https://rvbeve.com/rvb-flight-academy/
Discord : https://discord.gg/aF5EMba

Red vs Blue Web Page : https://rvbeve.com/
Red vs Blue is a long standing institution in EVE Online with a unique tradition traced back to 2008.
Here you can read about RvB from CCP Eterne’s words:

The best day to start learning PVP is the day you start playing EvE Online!

[Eve Players discussing what to do.]


but even in FW it’s rare to get a 1v1 fight… 90% of the time either nobody shows up at the PLEX at all, or it’s 2+ people.

How many of those fights that you’re getting are 1v1? Genuinely curious. I admit I havent PLEXed in FW in 6-9 months.

@Selrahc_Kondur RvB is interesting and I’ve definitely considered it before, but I don’t necessarily want to be in a perpetual war getting in and out of Jita and such.

I need to find a group that does “tournaments”, ideally 1v1, with pre-set meta restrictions. If RvB does those weekly, I’d join in a heartbeat.

not true
look at mu killboard loots of fights

but i kinda feel you bro

Tutucox is the Eve player we all wish we were. Living the dream - independent, isk-sufficient, making his living doing solo PvP.


ty ms @Xeux
you put a big smile on my face now :smiley:


All it takes is one player to show us all that it is possible.

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Kill Highsec miners. Make it your objective to help them stop mining.

Best content in EVE.

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Actually, Aiko is correct.

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