(obtained) Want To Buy: Standup XL-Set Laboratory Optimization I

Like the title says, looking for “Standup XL-Set Laboratory Optimization I” RIG. Offers here or in eve-mail.


Still Looking.

Still interested. Contact me please.

Haven’t gotten one yet.

Still looking.

Still looking,

Haven’t been able to reach a deal, still looking.

Still in the market. Willing to discuss purchase of materials for the rig, vs the rig itself. Must be complete set to build, though.

Still looking.

Guess what? Still looking…

Still looking.

Drop me a mail and I’ll get you a perfect me bpc for 100mil

Thanks for the offer, but the BPC is the easy part of it.

Still looking.

O think there is one on Jita market for 38b

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Thanks for the reminder to check Jita again.

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