WTS: Standup XL-Set Equipment and Consumable Manufacturing Efficiency I *SOLD*

Hello all.

Sold for 39bil.

Thanks for looking!

This item is still currently for sale.

make offers if you need to.

This item is still for sale on contracts.

i will offer a finder fee of 1bil to anyone who finds a buyer. please have the buyer message me your name.

thanks in advance, not very many people need/want this rig, and exposure is limited without directly trying to sell my item in the other discussions :frowning:

this item is still for sale on contracts.

reprocesses for 32bil, so please keep offers above that. i have turned down a lot of 5 and 6b offers.


24hr has passed since buyer asked for contract, have not heard any word from him. and they have not accepted the contract yet.

So item is back for sale. New price of 40bil + 1b finders fee. It is still private contracted to the original buyer, but i will cancel and change once i find a new buyer.


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