ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

Daily bump for awesomeness

Up she flies!

stil looking for a few frisky souls :heart:

Advert updated and now temporarily open to recruitment again

Notification that recruitment will be shut on Monday until further notice :))

Notice that recruitment is now temporarily closed, feel free to check us out in our pub chats and stuff still

Notice that recruitment is temporarily open but can be shut again on short notice

Had a fair few apps, looking to close soon.

Returning to game after some time away and trying to find a good fit corp.
83m sp. Plenty of pvp/wh/null experience.
Regarding the second account; is it going to be necessary for it to be an omega sub account as well? Not really interested in paying for 2 accounts.

Hey Coreaola unfortunately for us the second omega requirement is a hard minimum, we don’t actually require any wh or null experience but we do expect a basic knowledge of pvp. Sorry for late response.

Recruitment is now Vouch/Returning member only until further notice.