ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

We’re still looking for AU and USTZ pilots!

Hey, Looking for consistent pew in a chill group?

Nano pilots?
Try sending an application to
Odin’s Call.

Like watching Rolling Nags sitting in a POS for multiple hours? Only to kill them through a hole they crit after making a full pass?

Bonus: If you think to keep the hole bubbled so their rollers don’t roll you out.
So, instead they feel you rollers.

Rundown of late USTZ activities today:

Brave are moving out of Querious currently.
Today we rolled a good Querious hole and had some serious fun and small skirmishes. Tackled a nomad on a bubble but got pushed off by the brave blob. Shenanigans were had. Ships blew up. If you want in throw in an app!

Killed a few Marauders today, RF’d an Ansiblex for the hell of it, Had a small skirmish while reffing. Hop in our publich channel for recruitment if you want in on some fun times.

Sorta reminded Delve of what real small/medium gang warfare was today. Odin’s call ran circles in destroyers around a Baltec fleet. Goons sorta threw bombers our way, was fun keep fighting. Excited to see life around Delve again. Looking for more Querious holes whIle the evac is going. Omen Abyssal arena giving a few of our pilots a thrill.

Hop into our public discord and ask to speak with a recruiter today!

Today we scouted an Xdeath Ishtar fleet robbing a RED alliance ESS with 1 nestor/ 3 scythes/ 11 Ishtars. We caught them on gate with our sabres then used some harbingers to brawl down said Ishtar fleet, traded pretty well, isk positive but death fought well, taking a few harbingers in the initial skirmish, sabre bubbles are always good for holding fleets down need more in the future. In pursuit we landed in a bubble of ours intended for the ishtars but quick thinking and our pontifex links jumped most of the fleet into the gates range so we took gate and brawled them even more. 3xGFs to Xdeath would brawl again that Ishtar comp looks fun!

Bump! Still looking!

Daily bump! Just killed a nyx perhaps do it with us next time

Quick AAR for a change by my standards…

SNS was boring, we rolled and got Kalevala, our home from home. We always love a good tussle with Horde standing.

Couple tackle headed out, I went out 3rd and landing on the SNS out gate had a Mach on the gate, shortly followed by a Loki as I bubbled the Mach.

Scrammed the Mach as back up tackle arrived, grid exploded suddenly with couple Nightmares, couple Machs, couple Lokis and a Sleipnir whilst we brought the ODINS ping warrior fleet blob. One Nightmare escaped and everything else died.

Short time later we skirmished with Horde on the other gate in SNS, eventually after giving them a bloody nose they brought a Caracal fleet, cynoing it in on us. We also killed that and the rest ran…we did a quick 15m ESS reserve key to see if someone would come and play, alas after the previous fight Horde seemed rather reluctant to undock anything in that pocket.

Been a busy week, brawls with Wolves amongst strangers, SNS rolling been good, can really tell that bits of nullsec are picking back up in activity. If you love to nano and always having a nullsec connection sounds fun to you, hit us up.

Protip of the day:
Train up drug skills.

Feeder Rounds Rejoice, Odin’s Call will be in the AT.

Bump, bit of a fun week just reeling from last weekends feeder round highs.

Pro tip: Transversal matching small ships let’s you hit them better with your dank nano oracles.

Odin’s Calling the C2 NS life is so much ■■■■■■■ fun. Personal testimony after living with a nullsec static I’ll never live without one. Come see what I’m talking about. Feel free to hit up any recruiter.

Pro tip of the day:
When in a wolf-rayet bring RLMLs as they get the wolf-rayet small weapons bonus.

Bubbled 11 NC. Rorquals tonight, fought the response, were singing on comms about it having a good laugh. Was a catch and release as we aren’t going to slam dunk 11 rorqs (as much as we’d like to) instead we fought the response gang, killed ■■■■ and left.

Pro Tip:
Warping off to prolong the fight and/or keeping yourself alive can turn the tide in your favour, we like to warp short distances to minimize the time our nano isn’t doing damage.