Of Tears and ISK, New Players and Veteren Friendly

Oh, Hi there!

im on looking to chat its 730 est ill be on to chat for probably 30 more mins

I’m excited, are you?

Bump it

Bump it

Welcome new and old players to eve, let us get you up to date with the new things that have happened and how to better capitalize on opportunities in the game

Stuck at home? Wanna learn how to play or make an extra income? Give us a try

CCP yoinked HS moons… we still have your back.

Hi, returning player here. Do you have a public chat channel i could possibly join to see if i’d fit in with yourselves please ?

ps - free bump :slight_smile:

We are actively looking for people to not only train but help us achieve a new goal of building an invasion team with our community. Our vision is growing as we expand and look to take on new challenges.

we are actively looking for people that are interested in Invasions to help build our team to greater lengths. If you are interested in invasions as well as anything else we offer please give us a consideration.

We are actively looking for people who want to learn abyssal and invasions, come find us and we will do our best to help you make money in the game and get you one step closer to achieving your goals.



What if this was just a bump?

Hi there, what time zone are you guys most active, I’m in the UK myself.

Sent an eve mail in-game.

Played a lot years back but burned out several times. Love the game, but it got to be too much like a job. I take a look at EVE every year or so, but all the spreadsheets scare me off :-). I am older than dirt and have forgotten probably 80% or more of EVE dynamics. Sounds like it might be possible to find a fit in your corp. Have some ships and isk but have not activated Omega yet.

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