Official abyssal trading chat

some guy was looking for the abyssal trade chat that had ~400 people in it and never let us know what it was. is there anyone that knows of this channel?

dunno, maybe Abyssal Trading

i would try that but the guy who posted it only have 2 clicks for his discord server. pretty sure if that was it he would have at least 4 or 5.

Have you tried all the obvious names?

Abyssal Trade
Abyssal Market
Abyssal Trade Market
Abyssal stock exchange
Abyssal buy/sell
Abyssal trading
Abyssal trading chat
Abyssal trading chat channel
Abyssal trading and movement
Abyssal trading and scamming
Abyssal scams
Abyssal scamming
Abyssal sucks
Abyssal habissal mabissal



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