GOD Roll Abyssal webs

Looking for offers on these two sexy things

Web 1

Web 2

Ngl these are not “god” rolls, Also abyssal trading discord is a thing

He is banned from there for scamming :slight_smile:

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Lol? How do u even scam in abyssals

By posting one abyssal, but trying to trade another. I.e. saying “Very good Caldari Navy Stasis Webifier Roll”, but trying to trade a regular T2 stasis Webifier roll.

Ah thx, also did u recieve the ping from one of my threads?

thanks for the free bumps but i was banned for loan scams lol…

anyways still LF offers on these 2 webs

there was only 1 free bump, dont flatter yourself lol. the other replies were posted while the thread was on top.

250mil for web1

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