OK this will be the reverse of corporation looking for people, how about 3 account looking for corp

I have three accounts 85 m Skill points , and lowest is around 50 mil.

ca joecool , invisible BIOS, RockThumper (no link due to no kills / or killed)

The corporation should have activities in the Metropolis Region
The corporation should have activities in the Metropolis Region
The corporation should have activities in the Metropolis Region

Yes I did repeat that three times, if the main trade hub in your region does not show Hek or have hek visible you are not in Metropolis

The above was for clarity as that request was ignored so many times on previous post.

Where have i been in eve? I have been everywhere to include wicked creek and a worm Hole once. PTSD from worm hole due to game glitch and the exit to worm hole 5 day later i was out of worm hole with no explanation and no response from CCP. Got to love playing eve around 2010.

While im currently in high sec i would like to go to Null or Low. Just don’t promise full support but deliver a single station where you can buy ships but have to jump 15 jumps naked to fit the ship.

If you corporation matches some of this or in some instances, or far from it in other, please respond and I will respond likewise.

Also don’t describe your corp as almost like show Cheers and when I get there its a condemned building with the word “Beers” . No one is in side and you can’t locate the bartender. :beers:

Sorry if really specific but tired of spending hours moving :truck: :truck: :truck: and then moving back to where i was at :truck: :truck: :truck:.

Ca JoeCool

And one last comment:

No :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut: for the Grammer :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car:

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Kudos for being very clear about your expectations. Even so, I will make a pitch for considering IRC (intrepid crossing) alliance in Etherium Reach. We operate more like a family than a business, so whichever of our corps you join you would still be part of the larger team. there are 3 markets within 7 jumps. but we dont operate our own market, we prefer to sell to each other without sales tax and fees, so prices lower than jita. Good people. global membership. contact Dorfsorc in game for more info
the wiz

Will keep this in mind as option, as not jumping yet. Still shopping so to speak as I’m filling ocrea loads per hour. If I move will have isk :moneybag: on hand.

You may want to change your wording, you don’t have 3 accounts, you have 3 characters… accounts are what the characters are on…


First of all I just want to get this out of the way, The Celestial Cartel (zKill linked below) is based out of sov Fountain (so not metropolis), but with that aside, we are a PVP oriented corp (that also enjoys making isk on the side) with experienced leadership. We have a decent market with other local markets no more than 4 or 5 jumps away and a jf service to move your stuff from HS to Null.

One more thing I’m going to add here is our Corp advert and that should have more details there:)

Before you correct me, I do have three separate accounts.
AKA multi boxing.
Each toon listed is on a different account and is the primary toon on the account.
But i was not going to list all 8 toon spread across three active accounts as the other have little or no training so not listed.

So in this case you are incorrect.

But thank you for your concern.

I have been playing eve since 2009 ** :sunglasses: :sunglasses:**

no :doughnut: for the grammer :oncoming_police_car:

Personally, I think there is something you could, and maybe should, be a bit more specific about:
How can you help the corp that is accepting you? Would you participate in ‘chores’ like structure management, mining ops, defense fleets, scouting? How much and how often?

You a made your expectations clear and I think that is fair, but the recruiters will want to know what you are offering in return.

Thanks for all the responses

So taking to heart all the comments so far to my post.

“What would I do for a corporation?”

  • In the case of Indy invite anyone out for free orca rides would be one answer.

  • In the case of new pilots to the game give them isk to help them out be it with ships or skill books…pay it forward so to speak

  • As for “chores” in solitude I was single handily supplying all the ice and most of PI for fuel blocks to keep player owned stations up and running for the alliance. This started out as a cry for ice because stations were running low on fuel out of the many people that were on on I’m the only one that answered the call.

  • I have even donated large quantities of isk for a corp if I missed a mining event, in some cases i have had my own and donated the proceeds one time 1500 pieces of ice was the donation.

  • Mainly Indy but training more teeth than what I currently have about a month out from tengu not just I can sit in one but use it and all the items for a standard fit.

  • I thought I was doing really good for building things till revamp occurred. So now it has to be more of a corporation production line than single person build to pull a profit

  • In in the past I have pulled scout duty and in some cases been the sacrificial cheese in the mouse trap.

Corporation and Member of corporation has to benefit both parties…other wise the member can just stay in there own holding corp and make their own profits.

If the corporation member ship starts to feel like I’m not in a corporation why stay and prolong the inevitable.

Another thing that kind tip the balance on figuring out if a corp is a good fit or has no chance becoming one is when large donations are made. A thank you goes a long way.

Most corps I join I let them know its a trial up front. Most corps put people in a probation period but get pissed when you state it’s the same for them. Even worse when you take away ice supply for the ice habit LOL.

Better Pan dora???

Is that still necessary now that you already joined a corp?
But yes, it is better if you show wiliness to contribute with the corp before they even ask. Similarly to how corps will inform about benefits before you ask. (As you noticed, some will not live up to their ads, but that is a different can of worms)

For a well run corporation both are things that goes without saying. Stating it aloud may sound as arrogance sometimes. So, be careful with how you “let them know” or they may not get it right.

Anyways, good luck with your new corp,

pla take a look if we are a match

we have a alliacne that is also active in hi sec and if you like you can join the mentor program that we have

also have a copple null sec systems if hi sec get boring

Tried contacting dorfsorc and the other 2 recruiters listed but did not get a response. Sent in game mail to all 3. Still did not hear back. hope no major incident in RL.

dorf has replied to a couple of your mails. perhaps a time zone issue. have you tried teamspeak. ts.intrepidcrossing.space

Closing at the behest of OP