Looking for a corp (SOLVED)

Found a Corp, thanks for the inquiries.
Alright, so a bit about me. I’ve been playing EVE off and on for ~3 years, but I’ve been away for about a year or so. I previously had 5 accounts, all industrial, 1 booster, 1 corp/transport (ore compression), and 3 miners. The booster is long gone, and I just took a bunch of SP from my other four to start up a new primary non-industrial account. My industrial characters have literally been sitting in the same system since about 30 minutes after their birth. I knew what I wanted, and where I wanted to be when I created them. One thing I’ve never done was join a corporation. I never liked the idea of EVE Online, but rather EVE Offline. The game has a great foundation, but I’ve always been a bit anti-social and preferred doing things my way and by myself. Well… times are changing.

Granted, I’m no pro at EVE, especially in combat, fairly noobish, but I’m not incompetent, and I think the “complexity” has been greatly over-exaggerated, though not simplistic either. I do know industry, market, buying/selling, manufacturing, research and so on. I want to leave that behind, none of my transferred SP went into any industrial/market based skills. I also have a fairly good idea of how to properly outfit a ship for combat. My former industrial ladies are still there, should I choose to revitalize them, a few weeks of training, and they’ll be back to their ever so potent mining potential. So I figured I’d not build back into it. With that said… what am I looking for?

I’m glad you asked. I’m looking for a place to call home, preferably not in hi-sec. I want to be a part of an ACTIVE English speaking (preferably US based) corporation/alliance that isn’t too small, nor too big. I don’t want to be invited and forgotten about, nor the center of attention. I learn best with hands on experience. I can be on all day every day, and I don’t want to be sitting around waiting for corporation/alliance members to get on so I can have fun. I want to find a group that understands I have a bit of experience under the belt, but also understands I have things I still need to learn, especially when it comes to corporations and PvP and anything below .5 space.

So, I started a new account about 30 hours ago, took about 6 million SP from my former industrial workers, spent $100 on some stupid content pack. Sold a bunch of PLEX and Skill Injectors. Trained into a Caracal with a full T2 loadout, as well as some other stuff… I had another build in mind when I started up again, but as time went on, decided to go in a different direction. Currently training skills to put me in the seat of a Cerberus. I’m currently sitting in high sec, running level 1 security missions, and contemplating my EVE Online future. So uh… yeah, I guess hit me up if you wanna talk.

Come check us out m8, convo/mail me in-game

Hey, @Naomi_Winter! As I just recently did the same with Puffin Squad, I wanted to point you to our corp. We run public fleets and at the moment run roams into Provi. Might be a nice way for you to train up, park your toon and if you like it, stay! Corp info is in the recruitment thread. The blog gives some info on how we roll. Impatient people can always join the discord and ask there.

Hello! Welcome back!
Take a look on this topic - [LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!
Our alliance also came back and curently we try to build strong community inside. Our top priority is social part of alliance. We are looking for friendly mature players with a sence of humour and who like to chat both on discord and ts, our coms is active esp on US TZ.
We moved down in tenerifis region and we fly along with Mistakes were Made coalition. Good spots for both pve and pvp.

If you are intrested and want to know more - contact us either via discord or eve mail.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Internet Terrorists is recruiting, we live in Fade Null Sec and MOA alliance and have a large coalition. Join our Discord server to learn more about what we can offer you. https://discord.gg/zTXWBcT

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