Old git looking for a home

Hi Guys and Gals,
2 toons with 125 millionish sps

I am looking for a new home in the Caldari high sec, this is because of level 4s and my rep.
I have had a bit of a break as corp is falling at the wayside, all i ask is there are peeps to talk to in corp chat.

both my characters can mine and run Orcas.
My main is a lvl 4 mission runner.
My alt is an indy toon i can build t2 t3, cap ships, i can do inventions.

I like running with corp fleets and helping any new players where i can.
I do not care the size of the corp or if its in an alliance or not. I am a UK player so evenings and some weekends.

any questions please please leave reply or contact in game and i will get back to you.


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Hi maddeb

We are based in Placid. Our industry/pve wing is always looking for skilled pilots like you. Lots of isk-making opportunities. We have all stuff you need. Planets, moons, structures, …

https://evewho.com/corporation/98600016 Brohemia Industrial.

Meet us at Brohemia Pub channel ingame.

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Still looking

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giving a lift to the services.

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giving the great bump of life.

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We’re looking to gain active miners/pvpers who are willing to be on coms and train into ally doctrines. Go to fleets when you’re online if it’s a cta other than that just do you. Check us out Iron-Fleet Recruiting

And a bigga bump

Check your inbox in-game