Old player experiance

I want to return to EVE.
But there is a massive learning wall. Maybe more than when you naively first start and you are just able to find your feet. When a vet returns there is a big load of knowledge that might apply still or might not.

Also unlike the NPE there is virtually no content aimed at getting returning players back and meeting new people to play with.

Also, I noticed that there are a number of changes that seem to actually discourage people from playing. Changes to missions, drones, and resources seem to all be aimed at making people spend more time doing the grindy parts of eve rather than the fun with friends parts.

Maybe it’s time CCP took a different view of an automated process. For example, if CCP implements its own bot/macrosystems that encourage more people into the belts but are not always perfect at noticing hostiles enter systems it would do a few positive things. firstly remove some of the monotony of PvE content. Secondly, it would allow all players to make isk semi passively for use in fun activities later.
Thirdly it would make eve feel more alive as lots of people who sit semi afk in stations would be semi afk in belts.
It would also encourage more small daytime PVP activity as alliances seek to defend their players who are out and about semi AFK.

There is also little in the way of player interactions where people communicate with others outside their corp/alliance. It would be nice to get some content focused on communication. that reward players for mixing with others and getting to know others. this would stimulate gameplay and commuinity.

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Life is short. Talk in local. :smile:

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