Old player looking for Corp. Details inside

Hello, I’m a miner. Looking to get into industry and such. Also don’t mind PvP and looking to learn for the future. Looking for a solid Corp that’s been around a while with these things. Looking for someone with teamspeak or discord. I like to get very involved. I just got out of the army is why I couldn’t play lol. If interested please leave me some details about you or message me in game preferably thank you.

Hey Kali,

Check out Leviathan rising in game. They’ve got a HS Island they’re developing with production and moons ready to go. Been around for many years and active timezones.

Talk to Mialta or Sunstar for more information.

Milli o7

**and if you have any questions you can pop me an evemail too.

Do you have discord or teamspeak?

use discord normally

Hey there, The Classy Gentlemans Corporation is looking for some pilots to join our ranks. We are a WH corp with a C2 hole and static HS with a full suite to accomodate all your indy needs, I sent you a message in game but in the meantime check out our forum post which briefly covers what we offer as a Corporation. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Stay Classy and Fly Dangerously


Hi @Kali_Rosten

If you’re EU TZ and are looking for Pvp and good mining we can help. Very good moons and plenty of content!

The Dark Vanguard - Recruiting Returners, BitterVets and people looking to learn (PVP Corp)

Hi @Kali_Rosten,

We are an active, established group with well-rounded skillsets, allowing us to engage in any activity we want. As can be seen from our billboard, we are very active PvP pilots, but what cannot be seen is that we also have a strong industrial side supporting resource harvesting, science, invention, reactions, and production.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at our ad to get a little more information and if you like what you see, join us on Discord for a chat so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Hello Kali!

We have it all here at Ruthless Regiment! please check us out o7

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