Old Player returning – I gave in to the CCP Email!

• GMT-8 (SoCal), limited hours
• 58 million SP
• No bones to pick with any alliance (at present)
• Was CEO of a couple big corps
• Need a week to figure out where all the keyboard shortcuts moved
• Reinsured the Raven I last logged out in, so I have about 100M ISK to my name.
• Bunch of ships scattered throughout the galaxy
• Specialized in Caldari
• Like small – medium gang action (3 – 10)
• AI is my day job.

Was a front-line carrier pilot
…looks like CCP has added skills to the game, no longer sure if I can fly my carrier…that I used to have maxed…it’s parked in an awkward spot.

Looking for a mature corp.

No mining, but I’ll watch over you if you feel the need. Prefer alliance that is not in full-on war mode, so that I have a chance to rebuild my wallet.


Hi Athon
Welcome back!
If you are looking to get back into PVP, and are looking for #null-sec and small gang #pvp with a mature bunch - then you need look no further!
Agony Unleashed is recruiting!

Hope on discord, and chat to a recruiter ASAP - we have activity in US east and west, and also EU timezones.
I think you would be a great fit!
Fly safe o7

Hello there! Glad you decided to try the game again. Consider joining Starseekers, an established wormhole corporation with great PvE and PvP content! Check us out:

Hello there Athon,

Welcome back to the fold mate. I would like to recommend Astrocomical as a possible new home. We have a mature, no drama group that likes to have fun. Give us a look and see what you think.

hope to hear from you soon.


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