Old Player returning – I gave in to the CCP Email!

(Athon NooB) #1

• GMT-8 (SoCal), limited hours
• 58 million SP
• No bones to pick with any alliance (at present)
• Was CEO of a couple big corps
• Need a week to figure out where all the keyboard shortcuts moved
• Reinsured the Raven I last logged out in, so I have about 100M ISK to my name.
• Bunch of ships scattered throughout the galaxy
• Specialized in Caldari
• Like small – medium gang action (3 – 10)
• AI is my day job.

Was a front-line carrier pilot
…looks like CCP has added skills to the game, no longer sure if I can fly my carrier…that I used to have maxed…it’s parked in an awkward spot.

Looking for a mature corp.

No mining, but I’ll watch over you if you feel the need. Prefer alliance that is not in full-on war mode, so that I have a chance to rebuild my wallet.


(keacte) #2

Hi Athon
Welcome back!
If you are looking to get back into PVP, and are looking for #null-sec and small gang #pvp with a mature bunch - then you need look no further!
Agony Unleashed is recruiting!

Hope on discord, and chat to a recruiter ASAP - we have activity in US east and west, and also EU timezones.
I think you would be a great fit!
Fly safe o7

(Space Rhoa) #3

Hello there! Glad you decided to try the game again. Consider joining Starseekers, an established wormhole corporation with great PvE and PvP content! Check us out:

(Epicishousness Padecain) #4

Hello there Athon,

Welcome back to the fold mate. I would like to recommend Astrocomical as a possible new home. We have a mature, no drama group that likes to have fun. Give us a look and see what you think.

hope to hear from you soon.


(system) #5

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