Old returner looking for pve corp

found a corp

Hello Aeacus,
My corp (Disonance & CO.) currently lives in a C5 with C5 static. we do mining ops, scout down relic and data sites for bros that prefer to do those, we also run C5 combat sites. We are PVP centric, but understand people need to make their money. if we sound like a group you’d like to try out, visit us on our discord (https://discord.gg/u2k2E4).

Hope to hear from you soon,

if you are looking for something very relaxed please consider YAPLZ.

Hey, @Aeacus_Erata! I just started a corp to run public PVP fleets - and we also recruit vets and newbros to set up a solid corp besides the running of fleets - a bit of mining, atm still in high sec 0.5 but later in our low sec home, too.

We want to achieve critical mass of players for the corp and not only for our discord and would be happy to have more PVE/miners/indy people who help our new and old miners - so perhaps this is something for you: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs

We are a relaxed group and know all about RL aggro - the corp just started out, but with public fleets and the new members there is always something to do - and we could really use a miner or industrialist to help out with manufacturing - check it out :slight_smile:

Join the discord for questions: https://discord.gg/deVNUju - hope to see you there and in space!


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

Hi Buddy,

The Wolves of War are looking for new/seasoned pilots, we operate in High Sec and offer weekly activities which include (Mining/Missions/Low Sec PVP), of course these are optional we also have random days as well.

Here is our advert speel for you to take a look at, if you’re interested in chatting more about what we do, then I’m normally available on Discord for a chat.

The Wolves of War is an up and coming industrial and PVE corp looking for pilots of all skill levels and experience.

What we have to offer:

Orca boosts.
Access to low tax refineries, factories, and research labs.
The Wolves of War fleet doctrine.
Limited SRP.
Helpful advice and assistance for newer players.
Our corp activities include:

Regular mining fleets.
Mission running.
WH sleeper runs.
Small gang PVP roams.
Future plans:

If you are interested we can be contacted by our public channel Wolves Pub or on our discord https://discord.gg/kV4zAVe2

We love to see new faces in our channels and are more than happy to answer questions of new players outside the corp.

Lets all get spacerich!

Fly safe o7

Join our channel, Coalition of Carebears. Give us a shout on Discord mate.

No CTA’s is exactly our style!

Come get rich, pvp when you please, build whatever you want.



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