Old Toon looking for new tricks

Looking to get back into PvP after a lllooonngggg time away. Happy to learn all over again.

My Toon
95mil ish SP. Can fly most Sub caps catching up on T3 and Trig stuff. historically flown Amarr and Minnie. Background in Piracy, was blinky red, Merc work with some 0.0 and WH stuff. Mostly small gang roams.

Used to fly scout/tackle and then Logi and ewar. Have a soft spot for Recons. I am sad the geddon became a drone boat :(.

Self sufficicent.

Mature casual player will be on once or twice a week for a few hours. EUTZ but work at random times so can be on in other TZ. Would suit an IRL 1st corp is unlikely I will be logging on from some timer.

Looking to log on and make stuff go boom or go boom trying. Not fussed with amassing a shiny KB so long as it is good fun I am happy if we all die on a roam never mind. Having something to fight for is a bonus nothing like a good grudge match.

If you think I am good fit reply here or hit me up in game.

If you don’t mind fw we have fleets up everyday.

Join SPD public. Even if you don’t join up our fleets are public so long as your toon isn’t in minmil/galmil

-Social infrastructure would be a good fit for you. We have mature tight nit community. We like to pvp, and have fun pve isk making fleets. We are based out in low sec, and it’s been a supper fun area to be. We have quite a few returning play that have joined, and been loving it. Just ask them. We have great logistics to help keep us supplied and get you move in. We are join to start play with black op battleship, and stealth bombs in our area.

Join our alliance/corp discord to see for yourself! Discord

Hello superdandroid17,

I am here representing a WH Corp with a C4 to C3/C5 Statics.

I can see from your skillset and attitude that you would be a great fit in our corporation and I think I have just what you are looking for.

We have a mature player base primarily based in USTZ with an expanding EUTZ membership.

We do not have any mandatory CTAs and we fly for the good fights, good laughs and good fun.

I know what its like to play with limited playtime and there is always something going on in corp and plenty of people to talk to.

Here at Wolves in the Webway we are all about making stuff go boom. We are certainly not one to back down from a fight.

It would be great if we could have a chat so we can discuss if you would like to move forward with this opportunity, please reach out to me in game or through our discord - SUIT Alliance Discord.

Hope to hear from you soon and fly dangerous o7

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