Older player LF corp

I have 3 Omega characters that combine to 120m SP.
Looking to join a corp/alliance that:

  • Holds vast sov in Guristas/Serpentis null (20+ systems)
  • Does not require me to be in comms all the time
  • Does not require me to PVP
  • Will let me rat/explore all day long

Feel free to reply if you would like me to join.

I have a ton of sp over 3 toons, none of which Ill contribute to your operations. I want your protection and NAPS and will offer nothing in return. I wont get on comms. All I will do is run your sovs sites. I need over 20+ systems to chain all 3 of my accounts non stop. Let me know if your interested?

There fixed it for u


Don’t forget corp taxes, but yes essentially I want to chill in null and play the game how I want, not how you think I should.
Chances are slim that this thread will be fruitful, I’m aware.

we’re a fairly new corp with plans to anchor two structures which we already own. You can rat/explore all day long if you’ll help us get these structures up and running.

And we’re all old…lol


I sent you an in-game message. Enjoy!

Bump, thank you for the responses so far, still looking!

:joy: free bump

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