Olfei Medallion for easy isk

for easy isk if you go to the Pator area you can scan sites to recover Olfei Medallion and put ehm for sell for around 12m isk each currently.

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They sell for 12 mill each?

The last time I ran that site it had 3 cans, each one containing a Medallion.

So I guess each site is worth at least 36 mill ISK.

yeah dc, between contract and market, im pretty sure almost no one goes for the sites, so few on market/contracts.

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Back when the lv 4 Epic Arcs were first introduced to Eve Online, I was doing exploration in a Cheetah searching for Hacking signatures and came across that site - A Demonstration.

I had a few corp mates join fleet who took down the defenders and then I hacked the 3 cans. Was a bit disappointed to just get the Medallions. At the time I didn’t realize that site was for the first mission of the Minmatar lv 4 Epic Arc.

Anyway, I put 2 of the Medallions up for sale on Market and sold them for 1 mill each and kept the 3rd one as a collector item. Then later when I started doing the Minmatar lv 4 Epic Arc I realized I had the item for mission completion so I didn’t even bother with the site. After that whenever I ran that arc, I’d keep the 2 extra Medallions so I could blitz that mission without actually doing the site the next 2 times I ran that arc.

Basically you complete the site on the 1st run of the Arc, keep the 2 Medallions and blitz that mission on the next 2 runs of the Arc, then complete the site again on the 4th arc run, blitz that mission on the next 2 runs, etc…


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