72m ISk per Hr is that what we look forward to at end game?

Watching the EDU_Live replay there was a conclusion on what sort of ISk can be made while playing the game like Incursions.

After reaching my first year I wanted to step back and think of how to train this pilot and after seeing that and thinking oh gee that is really low when considering the difficulty.

Like I find it strange that the rewards spoken about are so low when compared with the ships/modules required to have a smooth run.

Not playing to farm isk to pay for omega as 15 bucks but where is the epic loot?

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The epic loot is at the 10/10 DED sites, or maybe sansha incursions

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Well, at first it was Storyline mods produced from limited run Cosmos BPC’s, then Faction mods produced from BPC’s gained from LP Stores, next was T2 mods produced from Invention, then Exploration became commonplace which brought in Deadspace mods. Now it’s gambling on enchanting Abyssal mods.


The monthly rate is lower if you do a year long subscription.


Like a trophy or your own billboard that is account bound, or Pilot locked items.

Something that is rewarded for the effect that can’t be just sold or salvaged.
The skins I like very much and was thinking what items could make it onto the loot table that would seem like epic loot drops.

What is there to strive for in New Eden that can’t be just purchased from converting Plex to ISk?

The enjoyment you receive working with others to achieve common goals

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That’s not something to strive for unfortunately. For me personally, it’s the tears of others when plex prices rise, if you convert plex to isk prices fall and you get less tears which is really unfortunate

Its 100 million an hour which is really really good. And you can run it with regular battleships, like Rokhs, which are cheap. Your ship will only cost 200 mill at most, and youre making 100 mill an hour. Thats pretty good.

Sure, some of the high-end ships can be expensive. But I ran incursions in a railgun rokh for 6 months and made like 5 billion isk before upgrading into a better ship.

Epic loot is in epic locations.


Yes, enemies in 10/10 DED sites sometimes drop really good, like, multi-billion isk loot. Theyre difficult to finish, though.

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Currently the epic loot location I had found to date can be found inside Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

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It’s more about the journey than the destination.

The epic loot is you having fun, not in stacking isk.

There are people in this game with less than a million isk in their wallet who are richer than people with more than a trillion isk because they are in it for the enjoyment.

Chase your fun, not isk.


Yep Isk is a means to an end, it is not the primary reason to play; that would be fun.

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Skill, when you can 1 v 10 and win, no amount of plex can buy that, also some of us are making between 300mil/1bil an hour :], hint its not doing things that are obvious like shooting rat’s for bounties or incursions the more people do them the less they are worth no matter how hard it is.

Look at abyss its super hard, especially when your fighting a much higher tier than your ship class but becuase it is fun and because people love running them the loot is worth nothing to the point where your making 50mil/hour so yea its not worth it when the masses of people do it.

Have never experienced that.

Please point me in the right direction.

Huge income in Eve usually means the following equation:

Income - 72 million

Followed by

Loss - 72 X 100

So total = income minus loss.

That’s Eve.

“Loot” isn’t the end-game of EVE by any means, and “ISK” isn’t even loot, it’s your bankroll.

“Incursions” aren’t end-game by any means, they are primarily a way for people to learn how to fleet up and work together to take out targets while safely in high-sec. The pay is fairly high (for high sec) in order to encourage people to learn the skills they will need to fight in less safe areas of EVE.

EVE isn’t a ‘raid’ game, where you get a big group together and go after the epic loot drops in a run. The best loot in EVE drops from other players.


If you’re only making 72mil an hour doing incursions, then you’re doing them wrong

Try 180mil an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno what they do in that video but I easily pull 100M running l4s in hs… and when I try to I reach all the way to 180-220M… and I don’t use any bling fits - only a loki with 3 faction bcs in lows (otherwise not enough cpu)

All the end game players are farming other players.

Farmers… :roll_eyes:

No they’re farming infinity stones