CCP Kathleen Kennedy

Man is so rewarding to make 300,000 + 30,000 in loot drops for doing Sansha Dens and to make 3,000,000 isk per hour mining ore in High Sec. CCP Kathleen Kennedy you have done a great job making the game rewarding for the massive increase in ship cost. Every CCP Dev that is working under CCP Kathleen Kennedy deserves a big slap on the back.

100% sarcasm!

It is time for anyone at CCP to start making the right changes. It is time for some Devs to moved removed from teams and start doing something better for the game.

It might be time for PA to look into how Eve is being ran? Maybe someone is trying to devalue CCP to buy it back cheaper?

Either way the players need Devs that understand the game and care about the playing experience of all play styles!

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More cowbell.

Man, you really do sarcasm well.

Why do I get a sense of sexual frustration?

Stop counting ISKs my friend.

Enjoy flying your spaceship. Say hello to your neighbors.


Can’t stop counting isk. Eve logic, if you can not afford to lose it, don’t fly it. Since these massive decreases in isk generation and the extreme increase of ships, isk is the only thing that matters right now. Can’t play the game if you can’t afford to lose ships.

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The thought has crossed my mind. It wouldn’t be the first time that employees from a bought-out company try and sink the ship out of spite. I worked in such environments before. It ain’t fun at all and it’s very hard to prove. It’s right next to the disgruntled employee who alone has the access codes for the servers room ( any company ).

Let’s hope we continue to be able to afford frigates :smiley:

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So, there’s still plenty of ways to make good money in Eve, all of which vary along various dimensions (isk efficiency, isk investment, effort required, attention required, skill requirements, risk, social interaction, etcetera). Perhaps you should look up some guides and see if you can find some activities that work for you.


Get a second job instead so you can afford to buy your minerals from the EVE store.

You know this is where the game is headed what with CCP doing their level best to kill mining as a profession.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Man, y’all are a sour bunch.

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