Omega explo pilot looking for a new WH home

Hi guys.
My corp sold a WH with 24hrs notice, I then tried nulls but after a couple of ours felt it’s not mine. I’m looking for a small and friendly WH corp with facilities for industry and research. Time zone doesn’t matter.
What I can offer. 100M SP, Amarr pilot specialization, missiles and Caldari PVP ships if needed.
I don’t mind pings and fleets, this makes life spicier but I don’t like hiding in hisec because of constant wars and waking up by alarm for a fleet.

You Are Welcome WIth Us

Hey there bud!

Holy Hunters is recruiting! We live in a C5/C5. Heavily PvP focus but most of our members also participate in industry/PI to some respect.

Jump into our recruitment channel for a chat! Looking forward to it…
Holy Hunters Room

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