One-line Bad Idea thread continued

(Old Pervert) #202

The ship’s mass being that of the faster-moving ship. That way caps bouncing off each other when they jump through cynos can shred each other.

Congratulations, you’ve just cited video game physics and claimed it is greater than I. How about a little bit of real physics, since they’ve tried to explain things in a way that makes sense?

Is there any such thing as an infinite-strength anything? Nope! Everything in the universe is finite, even the speed at which you can travel through a certain space. Even black holes, they don’t reach “infinite” gravitational strength at the very center of whatever is in their centers… it’s just a REALLY big number, which even if it has a potential maximum will still not be infinite.

Good example, two magnets. Can you touch repulsing poles together if you just push harder? Yes, you certainly can. You just have to push harder. Can a planet currently held by a star’s gravitational field be push out of its influence? Certainly.

Ergo, bumping, even with psudo-physics answers that you’ve provided, can still cause damage when the kinetic potential exceeds the repulsive potential.

(Dom Arkaral) #203

Welcome to a world where anything imaginable is possible :wink:
including infinite-strength anything

(Cristl) #204

Well, they sort of do, actually. I’m not sure we want to explore Weyl or Ricci singularities in full detail here though. It would take a younger man than me, anyway.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #205

War Declaration is no longer bought with ISK, but with Concord LP (covers entire cluster and requires more LP) or Empire/Faction LP (covers region control by that empire/faction and requires less LP).

(Lukett MyDabb) #206

and watch the player numbers shrink to less than one million after 300 alt groups disappear.

(Slayer Liberator) #207

We have that now it’s called the Camian.

(Slayer Liberator) #208

Officer ships with player dictated stats

(Memphis Baas) #209

Emoji’s in local chat.

(Tiddle Jr) #210

If you headshot enemy FC your FC get self exploded writhin next 30 seconds after.

(Memphis Baas) #211

The gravitational effects that would correspond to the time dilation (TiDi) levels we see during the big fights.

(Memphis Baas) #212

Hey, could you please edit your link in the first post to point to “forums-archive.etc”? Sometimes the redirect doesn’t work.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #213

Link fixed, cheers for poking me about it

(Dom Arkaral) #214

500mn on destroyers for people that want to fast (I. E. Me)

Top speed that I had so far without implants with heat and meh t1 links is 14505 or something in the close vicinity

(William shawn) #215

I thought this was the bad idea thread, not the great idea thread.

(Alex Dujev) #216

Remove tracking and signature factors for guns fire

(Tiddle Jr) #217

Add random cases where you get misfire or ammo jam while reloading you weapons.

(Jenne Wain) #218

EVE AI evaluates your fit for likelihood of success in a given encounter and replaces background music with something appropriately snarky, such as “Yakety Sax”.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #219

bad ideas jenny , bad ones

(Jenne Wain) #220

Mandatory Tamagotchi modules for all ships.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #221

“Your Fedo is unhappy. CONCORD is unable to process this war declaration on behalf of Marmite Collective.”