- Open Enlistment : OmniTech Enterprises - New Capsuleers Welcome

OmniTech Enterprise’s Mission

  • We conduct mining and skirmish operations in low security space.

Broad Objectives

  • Construct Corporate Doctrine
  • Prepare new capsuleers for low security space


  • Anomalies - Low security space offers officer spawns that drop expensive loot.
  • Exploration - There are wormholes to null sec and beyond just about all the time
  • Industry - Moon and Generic Mining Operations with Boosts most of the time

Too Many Details

  • Our Immediate goals are to recruit an active member base and allow their skills to mature

  • We’ll earn isk and practice as a fleet with low sec anomalies. Low sec offers various officer spawns within the sites that appear. Each offers various expensive loot you can sell on the market

  • Industry mining operations from time to time will be hosted to build reserves used to construct ships & modules that are handed out for free to new & existing members for pve, mining and pvp operations

  • Our low securty space offers Relic/Data/Wormhole sites for exploration, which will help you learn how to navigate the map & earn isk provided you make it home alive

  • Oh and did i mention that one of our systems has a view nearly unmatched anywhere else in eve anyway feel free to join our Enlistment Channel and follow the instructions in the message of the day to apply.

Join Channel : [OMTE] ENLISTMENT

  • Take care

Still looking for more recruites. Join Today!

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