New, Old. All are welcome

OmniTech Enterprises Mission

  • We seek to conquer the [REDACTED] constellation within the [REDACTED] region and are looking for interested recruits

Broad Objectives

  • Construct Corporate Fleet
  • Purge All Competitor’s Outposts
  • Construct Market Center / Refinary / Production & Research Centers


  • Missions & Anomalies - Zoar and Sons
  • Exploration - Low Sec Nearby
  • Industry - Daily Mining Operations with Boosts
  • War Declarations - Bi Weekly with Merc support once fleet has been constructed

Keeping Busy

  • Our Immediate goals are to recruit an active member base and allow their skills to mature.
  • We’ll earn isk and practice as a fleet with the Zoar & Sons corporation, which is an npc group that pays isk & loyalty points that can be redeemed for goodies to use or sell.
  • Regular mining operations will be hosted to build reserves used to construct ships & modules that are handed out for free to new & existing members for pve, mining and pvp operations.
  • The nearby low securty space offers Relic/Data/Wormhole sites for exploration, which will help members learn how to navigate the map & earn isk provided you make it home alive
  • Once our member base is prepared we will begin declaring war on all outposts within our constellation to purge them so that we may setup our own outposts
  • Once these goals are met we will begin invading nearby low security space in preperation for null security space

Patience and time will be required to accomplish these goals. If you have both and are interested then feel free to join our Enlistment Channel and we’ll see you shortly. If you don’t have patience or are uninterested please disregard this message.

Take care

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