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To get moltenVK to work, doesn’t EVE need to run on Vulkan first?

If not, is anyone able to see about taking the window copy of eve and getting it to work?

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Do you have a link. I have only heard rumors about an Arm CPU switch.

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Google DXVK. it convert D3D11 to Vulkan. It’s two dll that you shove in the game folder.
I do render EVE in Vulkan on my side and it’s way faster than the normal Wine OpenGL way.

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They say planning. And Planning mean it should append but maybe not on schedule.

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You there too, you can see in the benchmark that MoltenVK is doing fine. And in some test they get fps similar to Linux Vulkan so the overhead is not too bad. Running EVE that way should provide a massive FPS boost considering that Apple OpenGL is crap.

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Thanks. Looking at this and my head has :exploding_head:.
I will see what CCP does. Maybe that is what they are working on.

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Actually this is incorrect. Macs have always been great at gaming and more often than not out performed the PCs if that game was written in OpenGL in the first place.

The problem comes from most games being written for DirectX which incurs a performance hit to get working on OpenGL.

If these games were written on the Mac using macOS technologies then you would see that despite the lower hardware specs they would perform far better than Windows based machines due to the poorer performing OS that is Windows.

Eve ported to a proper Mac client with Metal would show remarkable performance increases far better than what Vulkan and OpenGL itself would provide.

Unfortunately when the powers that be only see a platform as being 3% then they’ll never think the resources are worth it and so continue to give us seriously crappy clients that are abysmally sub par. The problem is that 3% is growing and is billions of machines so it’s not a small amount at all and thus should be something that is looked seriously into.

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You might want to check your math. The population of earth is around 7 billion. Even if 3% of the population had a Mac, that’s not billions of machines. Yes, it’s hundreds of millions, but it’s based on a faulty premise. Because many people don’t have a computer. (if you look at sales over the last 10 years, you’re getting up to around 200 million machines. But I suspect a great many of them will be replacements)

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Splitting hairs!

Though correct.

Still, if games were developed from the ground up for macOS, as he was saying they would meet or exceed their windows version with less resources (generally)

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If a game where programmed with Metal, it will run about the same as the same game with same code quality coded with Vulkan on Windows. These API are really similar, it’s mostly another failed Apple “vendor lock-in tentative”. If it was not a vendor lock-in tentative, they would have implemented Vulkan so people could just recompile and run native Vulkan game (That’s also the reason why no Vulkan EVE on MacOS yet. Might work with latest MoltenVKified Wine build but I did not have time to reboot to OSX to test).

As for performance, on the computing side, Apple made great improvement lately in 10.13 if you compare with like 10.11 as now at lease they perform faster than Linux sometime while it use to be that it was the slowest OS in all the tests always :

For the gaming side with native openGL games, not at all, The performance of native OpenGL games on OSX is Abysmal compared to Linux, up to like -50% really often. Do some search at Phoronix, they do have articles about benching gaming on all platform if I remember. Some of it is probably due to overheating as Apple computer always overheat and throttle, especially when you use the CPU and the GPU in the same time.

But again that only apply to OpenGL game as Apple don’t give a damn since they made Metal. But if you look at games made for vulkan wrapped with MoltenVK, they do have almost no translation overhead so the speed of Vulkan games running over Metal is almost the same as Metal games (if you place the Macbook in the freezer, of course).

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