Direct X11 support for Mac

Direct X11 support was mentioned during the EVE Vegas Direct X12 presentation. I was wondering if we could learn anymore about how this will help the MacOS EVE Community.

Forget it.

D3D11 require some extra OpenGL extensions that MacOS will never support (Apple are deprecating OpenGL slowly and it’s currently on health support and 6-8 years outdated.).

Some work could be Done to get Wine compiled with MoltenVK support then install DXVK on a wineprefix and use a Windows install for EVE, via Wine, instead of using the official Launcher. Like doing what we use to do on Linux, the old way. That would make EVE run thru DXVK and so D3D11 would be converted to Vulkan and MoltenVK would make that run on Metal. Could expect FPSx2 or FPSx3 easily, less CPU heating and more GPU heating.

I did some work in the past to get that working but I got to flush that hackingtosh partition a while ago. Reinstalled one today with 10.15.2 so I might work a little on that.

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