DirectX 11 Question

In the Launcher, i switched to winhq-master/latest (3.2 i believe) because it should have support for dx11. I thought, EVE would than run in dx11 automatically but it doesn’t. It still shows dx9 in FPS-Monitor. Maybe it runs in dx11 but only shows old dx9?

Oh – and FPS-Monitor shows Radeon X1600 Series but i’m on Radeon RX 560

Any help?

I haven’t had any luck but:

There is now Vulkan support for Mac.

Hey tanks for the reply. Meanwhile, i reverted back to CCP stable because the CPU-load was between 50% to 60% all the time, a bit high for my taste.
Vulkan would be great for EVE, for Cross-Platform-Development, speed and so on…

See you…

After running for a while, how does your Mac with the RX 560 handle Eve? I’m curious because I’ve ordered a new Mac with that GPU (still have to wait a few more weeks). Are you now running the standard Eve client for Mac?

If you are willing to share some basic settings and the performance you are seeing that would be much appreciated!

As far as I know there is no DirectX 11 support, so even if you un-toggle the DirectX 9 option it will still run in DirectX 9. CPU usage (and instability) on the Mac client has been consistently increasing with every update.

I just want to concur with how the updates are making things worse performance ways for the Mac. Though, something must have updated the other day as I was able to log in both Omega accounts and didn’t suffer massive lag

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