Opsec - from the Spire with love

OPSEC is an industrial corp looking for newbros all the way up to veterans. We are living in The Spire and have lots of fun pvp content around!

Small gang fleets and big coalition fleets happen a lot so there is always some action to find.

We also have PVE for all appetites. We love the industry folks out there! Those who love mining and making ships are welcome, We will run boosted fleets for mining.

Come join us!

Chat: “OP-SE Public”

zkill: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98518695/

Recruitment is still open!

Come have a chat :slight_smile:

Deployment on sight so pvp guys you wont get bored

Recruitment still open

Now available with 0% local

Nullsec small gang/ Mining

Still looking for somewhat experienced capsuleers to join us

Still recruiting

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