Option to Synchronize Accounts


i would like to make the suggestion to implement an option where the players can synchronize their accounts in therms of Copy settings from one account to another. I know we can copy the UI Layout and some settings but i would also love to be able to transfer my saved informations in the notepad to the other account. Yes you can copy that by hand but i also saved links there which would not work.

It would be make it alot easier for us player when their would be a synchronization option. And when there would be an auto update function this would be the cherry on the cake, like when i adjust the notepad on one account it would also do it on the othter.


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If I could choose a method, it would be drag&drop. Drag a note, or a bunch of notes, into an inventory: creates a “datapad” item that can be traded and imported. Drag it into chat: creates a link that opens a “temporary” note that could then be saved as an actual note.

“A long time ago”, bookmarks used to be tradable like that. Then access lists came and not only were a good idea for larger management tasks but also made quick and easy sharing an absolute nightmare of overregulation with utter disregard for practical use.

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