Opux Luxury Yacht/Tempest Tribal Issue

Curious what these are worth now. It’s been a while. :slight_smile:

If you search contracts for them, you will see them with their fittings so you know it’s real.

The Tempest Tribal Issue has a full set of Tobias 1400mm Artillery Cannons/Gyros. The Yacht has 3x Cormacks EANM’s among other goodies.

Not in any sort of hurry or anything, also have Guardian Vexor, and a Mimir.

Just my uneducated guesses…

Opux 4-5 tril
Tribal Tempest 2-2.5 tril
Gvex 500 ish
Mimir 250-275 ish

Great ships!

Thanks! They are great ships. The yacht I acquired in 2004, Tribal Tempest sometime in 2009. Quite amazing how long I’ve had these and I’m still here. :slight_smile:

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